Information Regarding Winter Break Withdrawal and Spring Semester 2021 Accomodation Fee Payment/Refund Information, Please Read!

Dear students:

Tuition fee payment for Spring Semester 2021 starts on Feb. 1; due to the university’s administration on break during the week of Feb. 9 (Tue) to Feb. 17 (Wed), the following information regarding winter break withdrawal and accommodation fee payment/refund is important:


1. Those who will not be accommodated during Spring 2021, please apply for withdrawal online (, and check out of your room before Feb. 1 (Mon).


2. Those who will not be accommodated during Spring 2021 but still have accommodation fee on their tuition payment form, please do not pay. First contact the Student Housing Service Division via email to annul your accommodation fee, and redownload your tuition payment form after Feb. 4 (Thur) afternoon, and confirm that the accommodation fee is zero. Then you may proceed with payment.


3. If you have any inquiries about the fee amount, please email the Student Housing Service Division first to clarify any problems before completing payment.


4. Information regarding payment of summer accommodation fee:

        Summer accommodation fee will be included in your tuition payment form at first. (Exchange students are ineligible for summer accommodation while Freshman Women Dorm and 1st Men Dorm residents must apply and pay seperately).

        Summer accommodation for the second semester of the 2021 academic year starts on Jun. 27 and ends Aug. 21, graduating students and students whose accommodation periods have expired must move out before Aug 21. Other residents may continue to reside.

        If you move out before Jun. 26, empty your room and return your key then your summer accommodation fee will be fully refunded.

        If you move out after Jun. 26, your summer accommodation fee will be refunded according the remaining amount of weeks you may still be accommodated. Sunday to Saturday counts as one week, less than a week will be counted as one week.



1. I’ve already paid my summer accommodation fee, but at the end of the semester I realized I don’t need to reside during the summer. What do I do?

A: Go to and select “Application for Summer Accomodation Withdrawal” or “Application for dorm withdrawal” to check out and apply for refund.


2. Should I choose “Application for Summer Accommodation Withdrawal” or “Application for dorm withdrawal”?

A: Graduating students or those who will not be returning to the dorm, please choose “Application for dorm withdrawal”. Summer accommodation fee will be refunded either completely or partially, and the deposit will be refunded too.

        Those who only wish to cancel summer accommodation, you will be able to return to your old room after the summer, please choose “Application for Summer Accommodation Withdrawal”. Your summer accommodation fee will be refunded either completely or partially.

        “Application for Summer Accommodation Withdrawal” will open starting May. 1.


3. What should I pay attention to if I don’t reside during the summer?

A: Be sure to apply for dorm withdrawal, clear out your room, and return your key before Jun. 26. You can move back in one week before school starts in the fall.


4. I already know I won’t reside during the summer, do I still have to pay the accommodation fee now?

A: Please pay the accommodation fee first, it will be refunded when we have confirmed you have applied for withdrawal and moved out.


5. If I live in Freshmen Women Dorm or 1st Men Dorm, how do I apply for summer accommodation?

A: These two dorms’ directors will announce the protocol for application near the end of the spring semester, after application success you only need to complete payment.


Regulations: The Regulations of Summer Holiday Accommodation Management of NTU Students


If you have any problems, please call the Student Housing Service Division during 9:00~17:00, on Mondays to Fridays. Email: Phone: 02-3366-2266.


Best Regards,

NTU Student Housing Service Division.

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